Nuns Gift Shop - The Poor Clare Nuns of Perpetual Adoration Our Lady of the Angels Monastery

Code Name Price Availability    
0001GF Gold Filled Crucifix Pendant $67.85  
0001SS Sterling Silver Crucifix Pendant $45.75  
0006GF Gold Filled Crucifix Pendant $67.75  
0006SS Sterling Silver Crucifix Pendant $45.75  
0010GF Gold Filled Crucifix Pendant $93.50  
0010SS Sterling Silver Crucifix Pendant $65.00  
0011CGF Gold Filled Crucifix Pendant $86.50  
0011CSS Sterling Silver Crucifix Pendant $55.00  
0015MGF Gold Filled Miraculous Pendant $92.00  
0015MSS Sterling Silver Miraculous Pendant $52.25  
0017MGF Gold Filled Miraculous Pendant $125.00  
0017MSS Sterling Silver Miraculous Pendant $54.00  
0017SGF Gold Filled Scapular Pendant $125.00  
0017SSS Sterling Silver Scapular Pendant $54.00  
0020GF Gold Filled Madonna Pendant $100.25  
0020SS Sterling Silver Madonna Pendant $56.75  
0026BGF Gold Filled St. Benedict Pendant $94.75  
0026BSS Sterling Silver St. Benedict Pendant $53.50  
0027BGF Gold Filled St. Benedict Pendant $125.00  
0027BSS Sterling Silver St. Benedict Pendant $54.00  
0029GF Gold Filled Crucifix Pendant $147.00  
0029SS Sterling Silver Crucifix Pendant $67.25  
0030GF Gold Filled Crucifix Pendant $138.75  
0030SS Sterling Silver Crucifix Pendant $63.25  
0036CGF Gold Filled St. Christopher Pendant $153.50  
0036CSS Sterling Silver St. Christopher Pendant $60.50  
0036KGF Gold Filled St. Joseph Pendant $153.50  
0036KSS Sterling Silver St. Joseph Pendant $60.50  
0037GF Gold Filled St. Cecilia Pendant $52.25  
0037SS Sterling Silver St. Cecilia Pendant $51.75  
0038GF Gold Filled Our Lady of Consolation Pendant $136.00  
0038SS Sterling Silver Our Lady of Consolation Pendant $56.75  
0039GF Gold Filled 4-Way Pendant $110.75  
0039SS Sterling Silver 4-Way Pendant $50.75  
0040GF Gold Filled 5-Way Pendant $176.00  
0040SS Sterling Silver 5-Way Pendant $67.75  
0041GF Gold Filled 5-Way Pendant $107.25  
0041SS Sterling Silver 5-Way Pendant $57.25  
0042GF Gold Filled 4-Way Pendant $106.25  
0042SS Sterling Silver 4-Way Pendant $48.50  
0043CGF Gold Filled 4-Way Pendant $158.50  
0043CSS Sterling Silver 4-Way Pendant $65.50  
0043GF Gold Filled 4-Way Pendant $105.25  
0043SS Sterling Silver 4-Way Pendant $47.50  
0044GF Gold Filled 5-Way Pendant $75.00  
0044SS Sterling Silver 5-Way Pendant $48.50  
0045EGF Gold Filled 5-Way Pendant $108.50  
0045ESS Sterling Silver 5-Way Pendant $50.75  
0045GF Gold Filled 5-Way Pendant $106.25  
0045SS Sterling Silver 5-Way Pendant $48.50